High School Curriculum

Our high school curriculum is a video curriculum for teachers, educators, parents, and mentors to educate teenagers and pre-teens about child sex trafficking in America and in the world. To learn more about sex trafficking in the USA see here. To learn about labor trafficking in the USA see here.

Please see the Educator’s Guide¬†to accompany these videos.

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Video 1 : Introduction to High School Curriculum

This video introduces you to the team behind the H.O.P.E. Student Awareness High School curriculum on Human Trafficking.

Video 2 : You Can Be The Change

Human Trafficking is an incredibly daunting issue to face, but individual actions can make a huge impact. This curriculum exists because we believe...

Video 3 : Introduction to Human Trafficking

This short video from the US Department of Justice offers a brief introduction to the issue of Human Trafficking.

Video 4 : What is Human Trafficking?

In this video, we start off the curriculum by giving a definition of Human Trafficking, and helping you to understand what it is.

Video 5 : Global | Types of Trafficking Today

There are very many types of trafficking in the world today, this video will help you to understand what they are.

Video 6 : Ancient vs. Modern Slavery

There are some big differences between Ancient Slavery that you learn about in history books and Modern Day Slavery , or Human Trafficking,...

Video 7 : Presidential Oration on Human Trafficking

This short video from the US Department of Justice features former President George W. Bush giving an oration on Human Trafficking.

Video 8 : National | Human Trafficking in America

Human Trafficking happens every day in America, this video will explain some of the ways that it takes place.

Video 9 : Local | Types of Trafficking in Oklahoma

Why is human trafficking an issue in Oklahoma? This video answers that question and also provides some local statistics.

Video 10 : Happening on our Highways

This clip from the UNICEF USA documentary “Not My Life” tells the story of a girl trafficked out of a truck stop in...

Video 11 : What Does Trafficking Look Like in Oklahoma

This video will help you understand what kind of trafficking happens in Oklahoma, and how you can spot it.

Video 12 : Truckers Against Trafficking

This video, from iEmpathize, highlights the work of Truckers Against Trafficking , which helps prevent girls from being trafficked at truck stops.

Video 13 : Interview w/ Oklahoma Trafficking Survivor Kiera Samantha

Lucy interviewed her good friend Kiera Samantha, who is a survivor of Sex Trafficking in Oklahoma. This is a shortened version of the...

Video 14 : Vulnerable are Targeted

Traffickers target individuals who are vulnerable in some way or another, this video will help you to understand some of those vulnerabilities.

Video 15 : Shauna’s Story

Thousands of America’s youth are victims of human traffickers, Shauna Newell was one of them. She was trafficked by a fellow teenager who...

Video 16 (pt. 1) : How Can You Become a Victim?

This video looks at common ways that people can become victims of human trafficking. After watching this video, watch Theresa Flores’ story before...

Video 16 (pt. 2) : Theresa Flores Case Study

This video tells the story of Theresa Flores, who was trafficked out of her own home. After watching this video, go on to...

Video 16 (pt. 3) : How Can You Become a Victim?

This video tells the rest of the story from the Theresa Flores video.

Video 17 : Blackmail & Exploitation

This video explains how traffickers use mistakes against their victims as blackmail.

Video 18 : The Internet

This video highlights the role that the Internet can play in enabling, but also combatting , human trafficking.

Video 19 : Recognizing Victims

This video will help you to look for potential signs that someone might be a trafficking victim.

Video 20 : Ideas for Individual Action

Here are some ideas about how to individually engage with the issue of human trafficking.

Video 21 : Now What? Ideas for Group Action

Here are some ideas about how to engage with this issue as a group.

Video 22 : Conclusion & Credits

Thank you for watching our curriculum. If you want to know where all of this information came from, please watch the credits.

EXTRA VIDEO : Full Interview w/ Trafficking Survivor Kiera Samantha (38 min)

Here Lucy’s full interview with her friend, and human trafficking survivor Kiera Samantha.